Freestyle / Flatland Skateboarder

Guenter Mokulys    (Germany)

Tony Medina          (Spanien)

Türi Zoltan              (Ungarn)

Horand Thönges     (Germany)

Albert Kuncz           (Ungarn)

Kevin Harris          (Kanada)

Lillis                     (Schweden)

Kilian Martin         (Spanien)

Sebastian Heupel (Germany)

Fabio Jaspion       (Brasilien)

Witter Cheng       (USA)

Matheus Navarro (Portugal)

Eddie Haack        (Germany)

Andy Timmreck   (Germany)

Rene Shigueto    (Brasilien)

Kilian Martin

Kilian Martin, Coconut Wheelie

Kilian Martin, Coconut Wheelie

Kilian Martin, Over the Truck

Kilian Martin. Over the Truck.

Kilian Martin, 50/50 (Karate Kid)

Kilian Martin, 50/50 (Karate Kid). Der Spanier lebt zurzeit in Oceanside-Kalifornien, hat ein Pro-Deck-Model bei der Firma Powell. Er verbindet Freestyle skaten mit Streetskating und dadurch entstehen richtig schöne Skateboard-Videos. Schaut hier:   Blank Canvas

Rene Shigueto


Rene Shigueto Freestyle / Flatland Skater aus Brailien.

No-Hand 50/50, Rene Shigueto.

No-Hand 50/50

Impossible, Rene Shigueto.


Impossible to Truck, Rene Shigueto.

Impossible to Truck

Primo Slide, Rene Shigueto.

Primo Slide

Matheus Navarro

One Skateboardco // Matheus Navarro

Toni Medina


Toni Medina

Toni Medina aus Barcelona (Spanien)

Videos von Toni aus Oceanside (Kalifornien) und Barcelona.

Turi Zoltan


Handstand-Fingerfip by Türi Zoltan.
Ollie-Fingerflip by Türi Zoltan.

No-Hand-50/50 by Türi Zoltan.


My name its Turi Zoltán.

Hungaryan freestyle skateboarder.I starting the skate in 2004. 

When i hawe time, i makeing freestyle shows/demos in Hungary and Germany. 


Here its my results:

2005 Budapest Hungary Global Attack freestyle contest 2th Place

2006 Samsung Tour Freestyle Contest 2th place

2009 Paderborn World Cup 10th place

2011 Paderborn world Cup 2th place

2012 München Rocket Freestyle contest 4th place

2012 Paderborn Freestyle World Championship 6th place.

Bye Türi Zoltan.

50/50 Fingerflip by Türi Zoltan.

Lillis (Stefan Akesson)



Lillis saw a skateboard for the first time in his life 1977 and knew that moment that he wanted to be a skateboarder. It took him however one complete year to convince his parents to buy him a skateboard. Finally, the summer of 1978, Lillis stepped on his very own skateboard. Why skateboarding attracted him he has no idea of, he just knew that it was something he had to do, something that was already a part of his life. These days he talks about the freedom, the creativity, the expression of one's self through skateboarding, integration of body and mind and pure and crazy fun. But back then in the late 1970's, it was simply his destiny. And still is.

Lillis also has an intense interest in acting and is part of a local theater group, Skokloster Teatersällskap, where he trained under the guidance of swedish actor and director Willy Tappert. Lillis has had the lead roles as Lars Hård in the play "Lars Hård" by Jan Fridegård and as Mascarille in "The Pretentious Young Ladies" by Molière and Jean in August Strindbergs "Fröken Julie".

His debut in front of the cameras was for the pilot of "1251 – Folkungarnas tid", where he is portraying the 1300th century Swedish king Knut den Långe.

Summer 2011 Lillis had one on the lead in the independent short movie Svartmunkarnas Krönika – Codex Dei, working with famous swedish actors Per Ragnar and Kim Anderzon

Being a fan of Star Trek, Lillis is happy to have landed the role as the android Commander Andrew in the Norwegian fan based Star Trek movie Gatekeeper. Filming is scheduled for 2013.

Lillis is also a very creative web and graphic designer. He goes to great lengths to come up with the perfect balance between form, function and simplicity.                                Webside:

One-Wheeler von Lillis

Contests highlights
1st World Championships 2011, Sweden
1st World Championships 2000, San Fransisco
2nd World Championships 2007, Canada
2nd World Championships 2006, England
2nd World Championships 2005, Brazil
2nd World Championships 2003, Germany
2nd World Championships 2001, USA
3rd World Championships 2008, Brazil
1st Reverse Freestyle Open 2003, Sweden
1st European Championships 2005, England
1st European Championships 1987, Sweden
1st SKF Euro Cup 1990, Sweden
1st Chit Challenge, New Jersey 2001
1st LA Barrio Games, Los Angeles 2001
1st Swedish Championships 15 times
1st Swedish Cup, several times
2nd NASS 2009, South and West, England
2nd Grand Prix Trocadero 2008, Paris, France
2nd Summer Classic 2008, Glendale, USA
2nd Venice Beach Contest 2010, USA
3rd All Japanese Sk8 Contest 2012, Japan
3rd World Cup 2010, Paderborn. Germany
3rd World Cup 2009, Paderborn, Germany

Guinness World Records
The longest One wheelie (manual) on flat: 39 meters
The longest One wheelie (manual) on flat: 68 meters, 54 centimeters. Most Dogwalks in 1 minute

Nominated for Freestyler Sk8er of the year, 2010.

Hall of fame
Inducted in the Freestyle Hall Of Fame 2008.


Shows on television             Sponsors 
Rampljuset                             Reverse Freestyle
Guinnes Rekord-TV                 Tracker Trucks  
Adrenalin, TV4                        One Off 
Edge TV, ZTV                         E's
Melodifestivalen                      Future Clothing
Lilla Sportspegeln
Talang 2009

One-Foot Nose Manual von Lillis

Events:                                                                 Festivals:                         Tours:  
"Rotary 100 Year" (the Swedish King in the crowd).  Stockholm Water Festival   BMX Skolshow
Ad Agency Leo Burnett/McDonalds                         Piteå dansar och ler           Svenska Actionlandslaget
Vivodagarna, Gröna Lund amusement park               Luleåfestivalen                   Headspin
Cykelns Dag, Karlstad                                                                                    JC Easy Giving Festival
Vättern runt                                                                                                    Neosport
Vätternfestivalen                                                                                             Showtime
Friskis & Svettis                                                                                             Swatch Rad tour
Several shows at discoteques                                 Other:
Shows at schools, hopping malls, festivals, clothing stores,sports stores, shoe stores, trade shows & more

360° Kickflip, One-eighty Fingerflip, 50/50 von Lillis

       360° Kickflip                                          One-eighty Fingerflip                               50/50

Freestyle Skateboarding at Skatepark Ultrabowl, Malmö-Sweden. Skater: Kevin Harris and Lillis.

Kevin Harris, Nose-Pirouetten

Kevin Harris


Kevin Harris aus Kanada.

Kevin Harris, One-Foot-Nose-Manual


Kevin Harris, Fingerflip


Kevin Harris, One-Wheeler


Albert Kuncz


Albert Kuncz

Vear of Birth: 1986

Home: Öskü / Hungary


Sponsors: Never Enough Skateboards, Decomposed Skateboards, Withered Skateboards, Khiro Skateboard Products. And my secret friend from Netherlands.


Years skating: Started on 15th October in 2002.


Skateboarding influences: Most of the time unique tricks from each riders, the trick what you can se just from one person.


1 time 2nd in a Hungarian Contest

6 times Hungarian freestyle skateboard champion.

I won three other freestyle skateboard contest in Hungary.

WFSA Cyber World champion in AM category 2006.

European cup Germany AM category 1st place (Paderborn) 2008.     World cup in Germany AM category 1st place (Paderborn) 2009.

World cup in Germany AM category 2nd place (Paderborn) 2010.

World Championship in Sweden PRO category 4th place (Malmö) 2011.

What is Skateboarding for you. The way how I express my self, the way how I communicate.


Starsky in San Francisco

Starsky, 50/50 Flip
Starsky, 2 Board-skating

Starsky aus Berlin (Germany)

Starsky, 2 Board-skating

Robert Wagner


Andy Timmreck

Andy Timmreck

Andy Timmreck, No-Hand 50/50

Andy Timmreck, Sidewinder

Andy Timmreck, No-Hand 50/50

Andy Timmreck, No-Hand 50/50

Gustavo Santana


Skateboarder, Gustavo Santana from Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien) I am 19 years old, I started skating at age 13. really like to practice freestyle skateboarding, it's a pretty cool sport. My idols are rodney mullen, gunter mokulys, per welinder, kevin harris, etc..

Fabio Jaspion


Fabio Jaspion, Freestyle / Flatland Skater aus Sao Paulo, Brasilien.

Witter Cheng vs Guenter Mokulys

Flatland - Skateboarding. Witter Cheng vs Guenter Mokulys. Filmed by Witter Cheng. Elko – Nevada. USA.

Eddie Haack, der Künstler bei den Skateboardmasters.

Eddie Haack, der Künstler bei den Skateboardmasters

Eddie und Guenter, die Skateboardmasters